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European Design



A European Community
of Excellence
Since 2007 a group of people, made out of publishers, journalists, editors and academics, come together on a yearly basis, to gather, evaluate and acknowledge the best examples of communication design in our continent.
It is a very special and unique set up, in the sense that it involves the people who curate similar content on an every day basis. As such it also provides participants with an opportunity to make their worκ visible to a wider audience (through the media that the jury members represent).
The European Design Awards wraps up with a festival in a different city every year, leading up to the awards ceremony. This creates an ideal opportunity for the most creative people of our community to come together, benchmark, be inspired and celebrate.



The submission rules must be published at least one month before the submission period. The submission period is between 15 December 2018 and 22 February 2019. In order for a submission to be valid, the fee needs to be paid before the deadline and the posted sample must arrive to European Designs Greek office no later than 5 March 2019. The organisers reserve the right to extend the deadline provided that they announce it in due time.



  1. There are three levels of distinction: Gold, Silver and Bronze.
  2. In each category, a Gold is only awarded if the jury believes that the specific work is of extremely high calibre. The Gold winners receive a trophy during the Award Ceremony. In rare cases, the maximum of two Gold awards may be given in one category.
  3. Silver winners receive a diploma during the Award Ceremony. A maximum of five Silver awards are given per category.
  4. Bronze winners receive a diploma by post or in the ED-Conference reception. A maximum of five Bronze awards are given per category.
ED-Awards catalogue

All award winners (gold, silver and bronze) will be published in the ED-Awards catalogue and on the ED-Awards website.

Announcement of judges’ decisions
  1. The award winners will be informed at least one month before the award ceremony but not officially announced before the award ceremony.
  2. The participants who did not win will also be informed via e-mail no later than two weeks before the award ceremony.



The standard submission fee per entry is €140.
Multiple Submission Fee Discounts
When submitting 5 or more entries, the submission fee is reduced to €112 per entry. This represents a 20% volume discount on the total entry fee.
1 to 4 submissions: €140 per submission
5+ submissions: €112 per submission
Student Submission Fees
For students entering the category “School projects”, the fee is €40. No volume discount is available.
For students entering other categories (published work), normal submission fees apply.



Carlos Arredondo Gуmez

Dóra Ísleifsdóttir

Marko Golub

the Netherlands
Viveka van de Vliet

Rene Wawrzkiewicz

Gianluca Camillini

Esen Karol

Veronica Mike Solheim

United Kingdom
John L. Walters

Peter Bankov

Bettina Schulz









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