Loft Residencial

Loft Residencial
The images above show the cuts of the project where we can visualize the mezzanine and few internal divisions, in this project. The central space, where the social part of the House will work, limits are delinied by custom furnishings.

All the rooms are spacious and minimalist. Here, the customer builds their identity over time. The basic facilities such as cabinets, hydraulic installations and lighting are part of the Project.
Loft Residencial
Residenticial Loft

The mezzanine has the possibility of transforming a residential environment into an office. Many people take their work home today and the lack of adequate space has led us to think of an environment that is both for rest and for work.
The kitchen integrated into the living and dining room creates a bold atmosphere. The choice of the American style kitchen island gave a stripped touch reminiscent of a bar.
This room, for young people, is the boldest of the house. The industrial style of the pendants, bed, bookcase, desk and sliding door. What brings warmth to the room is the illumination where several points of light have been placed and can be adjusted as the user feels sleepy and the softness of the finish that balances the rigidity of industrial furniture. Colors in neutral tones were chosen for the walls of this environment, because the whole environment had colors. The room is in an area of the residence where the curtain window opens and has access to the pool.

Creation of custom furniture.
Multipurpose bookcase.

Creation and specifications of the kitchen counter/island.