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LOŠBATES is a voluntary union of municipalities, whose activity is the “cooperation of its members in the area of schools, i.e. in the construction and operation of a new nine-grade elementary school including facilities and the subsequent provisioning of education and school services”.
The members are four municipalities lying on the main traffic artery between Prague and Kutná Hora (Lou?ovice, Štíhlice, Tehovec and Svojetice).
The land designated for the construction of the school is located in the municipality of Lou?ovice by the Kutnohorská road (I/2), approximately 25 km from Prague.

Subject of the competition

The subject of the competition is a design for an elementary school with 2 x 9 classes and two preparatory classes, a flat for the caretaker and additional premises in the form of small-scale flats for employees and spaces for the elementary artschool.
Apart from the school building itself, it is necessary to resolve its connection to the main I/2 road by designing a new crossroad, parking issuesand a vision for possibly expanding the school to 3 x 9 classes.

Purpose and mission of the competition

The competition’s purpose and mission is to find and appraise the most appropriate solution to the competition’s subject matter that will meet the contracting authority’s requirements as contained in these conditions and in the documentation and to select participants to go forward to negotiated procedure without publication, in accordance with the provisions of Section 143 (2) and Section 65 of the Act (hereinafter the “NPWP”), the contracting authorityshall negotiate the awarding of the subsequent contract pursuant to paragraph 3.4 of these contest conditions



The first prize isset at CZK 800,000
The second prize is set at CZK 550,000
The third prize is set at CZK 300,000
Honourable mentionsAn amount of CZK 100,000 has been set for designs that are not awarded with a prize, but which have brought notable partial stimuli and solutions.


Submission deadline

16:30, 26. 03. 2018