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Richard H. Driehaus Architecture Competition



It is an international competition created to help preserve and revive the use of local architectural and urban traditions.

It awards and promotes proposals upholding local architectural traditions, a sense of place, and contributing to make more beautiful, coherent, sustainable and socially integrating towns. Designs using the materials and building techniques of the region, as well as prioritizing traditional solutions, will be encouraged, as will offering employment opportunities to regional building workers.

The awarded proposals are intended to serve as a model for urban and architectural designs sensitive to these issues and committed to preserving Spanish cultural heritage.



Selected locations publication
2019-2020 Edition Phase One Call for Entries Publication
Phase Two Call for Entries Publication on the BOE (Official State Gazette) and this website
Phase Two Submissions Deadline
Selected proposals announcement



First prize (Winner)

The authors of the proposals winning the first prize for each lot will receive a sum equivalent to €12,000 (including VAT).

Honourable mentions

The jury may distinguish up to three proposals per lot with an honourable mention for designs that do not completely cover the requisites of the site, despite complying with the objectives. The authors of these proposals will receive an amount equivalent to €2,000 (including VAT).






Javier Cenicacelaya

Alejandro García Hermida

Leopoldo Gil Cornet

Leon Krier

Rafael Manzano Martos

Fco. Javier Martín Ramiro

Anselmo Menéndez Menéndez

David Rivera

María José del Toro Oliva

Harriet Wennberg







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