TAB 2019 International Architecture Schools’ Exhibition “Terribly Beautiful FREE STUDENT ARCHITECTURE COMPETITION

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TAB 2019 International Architecture Schools’ Exhibition “Terribly Beautiful



Tallinn Architecture Biennale TAB 2019 Architecture Schools’ exhibition ”Terribly Beautiful!” investigates school as a facility for getting (terribly) lost and making (terrible) mistakes. The best school project is not necessarily the one rated with the top grade, but the one that restructures it’s author by taking them to unknown path prone to failure – a crucial part of creative process.
TAB International Architecture Schools‘ Exhibition is part of TAB Main Programme and includes the latest work of academic institutions that teach architecture in various parts of the world. TAB 2019 Architecture Schools’ Exhibition is curated by young Estonian architects: Merlilin Kaup, Margus Tammik and Ulla Alla and will be exhibited in September 2019 at Estonian Academy of Arts gallery.



The Competition consists of 3 stages: 

1st Stage– we ask students to send us their most explorational, wild works. We expect it digitally in a format it was originally presented and accompanied by a short personal statement (max A4) about the background of the project.
Works to be submitted via e-mail to
Deadline: 18.03.2019      

2nd Stage – A number of works will be selected to the second round with whom the curators will continue to work individually. The authors are asked to explore and analyse meta-context surrounding the project, open up about their value judgements and origins, work methods and thinking techniques.
Deadline: 01.06.2019

3rd Stage – workshop in Tallinn. The goal is to add a new layer to the project based on analysis and reflections from the stage 2. Workshop takes place in the beginning of September.
Exhibition opening: September 11 2019. In the final exhibition the initial work, analysis, reflections and new layer will be presented as a continuous story. 






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