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Urbanscape Symbiosis



As our future megacities are defining themselves every day with bustling streets and soaring skyscrapers, a city still craves for many things but mostly – an identity. 21st century from it’s onset is rapidly changing how we live and how we perceive the definitions of a city rampantly.
‘Urbanscape’ is the manifestation of the built environment of cities. It not only refers to the configuration of built forms but also the elements that define interstitial spaces. However, what we see today is the progression of ever-increasing skyscrapers that dominate the memories of a city, overpowering smaller elements.
Urbanscape: Symbiosis is a step forward that seeks to bind the concept of an urban identity and the furniture that speak for the city. It aims on creating elements that connect the dots to reveal the identity of a city.
The challenge here is creating a family of furniture for a desired city with common features in concept / form / color / design
that needs to be derived from the city in consideration. The location of these furniture also matters by analyzing key spots where not only these could look meaningful but be meaningful as well.
The goal of this competition is to give birth to furniture concepts that sprout from city’s identity instead of industrial convenience. This would be possible in the following three steps: 1. Choose a town/city, 2. Create a concept family of furniture from the category, 3. Photograph your city spaces and place them to establish a link between them.

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「About Young Bird Plan」
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By now, we have cooperated with several governments, development agencies and international brands, e.g., Suichang County of Zhejiang Province, Yongchuan District of Chongqing City, Suzhou New District, China Merchants Shekou Industrial Zone, Vanke Group, China Fortune Properties, Westbund, Leliving, Sunbrella, Destelli, MATSU Group, Xiao Guan Tea, Dongpeng Group, etc.



Submission deadline: July 04th, 2019



Prize pool of worth 4000$!

✰ First Prize: 1500$ (For students and professionals)

✰ Runner up: 750$ (For students and professionals)

✰ People’s Choice: 500$ (For students – Most appreciated project wins this)

✰ Honorable mention x 2 (Students): 200$ Each

✰ Honorable mention x 2 (Professionals): 200$ Each









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